Since I started in 1993, I have experienced the complete evolution of digital image manipulation. High end creative retouching techniques that started out on the Quantel Paintbox and found there way along Barco Creator to the Macintosh with all the treasures of Adobe.

By sitting very close to the fire at a few leading companies in image manipulation in Europe and having a howling inferno myself, read : unstopable passion for imaging and retouching, I grew familiar with all the ins and outs of imaging. From generating the files, either from scanning originals or generated by new digital media, creative retouching up to finding the most ideal output for the job.

When I began I was a traditional illustrator intrigued by all the possibilities that digital image manipulation had to offer. It did not take long for me to understand that the world of creative retouching is a magical place from where you can create many other worlds out of 16,7 million options of colour and density, a countless number of options if you go to 48 Bits.

Computer Generated Images, shortly known as CGI started to play a bigger part in imaging for like the last five years. The techniques are quite older but it is for the last period of time that computers grew stronger and High Dynamic Range Images can be generated and used by people who do not own a supercomputer or have like 500 MacPros connected to each other by glassfiber. I am so caught up by retouching and production that I have not found the time yet to skill myself in CGI techniques and I am afraid that I will never find the time although I am very interested.

And here we are now. In the past seventeen years I have made thousands and thousands of images and I have had the privilege to work with some of the finest photographers and some of the most driven and experienced people that are working in the fields of creative retouching and digital image manipulation. Because of my interest in CGI techniques I had the chance to get aquainted to some of the leading CGI studios in Europe with whom I sometimes work together when CGI is involved in the production.

By understanding all the characteristics of different media and new media one can anthicipate to all the changing demands, crazy questions and tight deadlines. Because of this understanding my focus lies on the photographers and art directors who want to distinguish themselves and are pushing themselves to create on a higher level.

Chester van Bommel